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Game News    

Welcome to Fatality!

Thank you for joining Fataility.  I hope you will enjoy your time in our tribe.
If you have any questions or need any help, please ask me or any of the officers
and we will be glad to help you.

The main focus of our tribe is to have fun and kill some freeps :)

We will run regular groups and raids. I do not require you to join every single
group or raid, but I do expect you all to follow the rules of the tribe.

I personally believe we are the best tribe on our server because we have the best players,
and you are all like an online family to me. 

Please help me to keep this great tribe spirit going by helping each other, being active in game and being active on our forums.

All the best,

Tribe Leader


Please take a moment to read the Tribe Rules below...

Fatality Tribe Rules

1) Respect the Tribe Leader, tribe officers and other tribe members. Insulting, being
rude and behaving badly towards others will not be tolerated in our tribe.
We are here to have fun, so let's keep the spirit up and have fun.

2) If you have a problem with another tribe member, try to resolve this in private
outside of Tribe chat. If you cannot resolve it, an officer can be invited to mediate the
discussion. Remember, at the end of the day LOTRO is just a GAME and is meant to be
fun for all :)

3) The officers and Tribe Leader will do their best to provide help and support for quests,
groups, maps and raids. However you should also try to do your bit and actively help and
support each other.

4) Recruitment Policy: We are currently only recruiting known active reliable creeps.
Our raids have suffered badly from freep spies in the past, so we are only inviting new members who are friends of existing tribe members, or who are known as good reliable creeps in our raids etc.

5) No spying to help the freeps. If any member is proven to assist the freeps with killing our tribe members (for example telling freeps we are attacking a base) then you will be removed from the tribe, and personally hunted every day and every night by a very angry Sargentbash and a very deadly Haddon.
You have been warned! :)

6) No switching to freeps and coming to Ettens (for easy renown) when the creeps have the Outnumbered Buff. We all have freeps, and sure it is fun to play freep in Ettens... But we are a respectable Creep Tribe. Do not bring your freep to Ettens when we are outnumbered, bring your creep and let's give the freeps a good fight instead!

7) This is the most important rule of all... HEAL HADDON.... lol
She is our beloved tribe leader. All freeps hate her, so try your best to support her - you will make the freeps even more angry, and make our boss very happy :)

Guild News    

Our forums are live!

sargentbash, Oct 18, 11 11:46 AM.
Our forums are up and running!

Members need to log in to see the class and raid discussions.

Click the "Forums" tab to access our forums.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

sargentbash, Oct 18, 11 8:14 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Fatality is currently not recruiting.
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